Haul Truck Tires

A large dump truck with many tires on it.
A large green dump truck with lots of metal.

Excellent Cushion Haul Truck Tires

Solid Cushion Haul Truck Tires are designed to run in the worst environments, such as scrap metal yards and foundries. These tires, like iron, are completely flat-proof and will not fail if cut in the tread or sidewall. Cushion haul truck tires are full-size solid rubber tires. Unlike other primitive single-solid tires that only give you a small amount of rubber, which will shake apart your haul truck, TY Cushion haul truck tires press onto your OE wheels, putting the full amount of rubber between the ground and the wheel. With a high load capacity and extreme durability, these soft-ride solid tires are perfect for your severe service applications.

Haul truck tire features

  • Soft Ride
  • Fits OEM rim
  • High load capacity
  • Solid rubber construction
  • Advance Rubber compound
  • Aperture holes for cushion

Tire Sizes- 1400-24, 1600-25, 1800-25, 1800-33, 2100-35, 2400-35

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Haul Truck Solid Cushion Spec Chart

1600-25 11.25-25 59" 16.9" 17" 1478 lbs.
1800-25 13.00-25 63.8" 18" 19" 1892 lbs.
1800-33 13.00-33 72.5" 18" 19" 2178 lbs.
2100-35 15.00-35 81.6" 22.5" 23" 3531 lbs.
2400-35 17.00-35 81.6" 25.6" 23" 3938 lbs.