A close up of a tire with the rim removed


Contender Traction Tread Design- Advance Tire inventories only the best solid skid steer tires. Full-depth aperture holes allow the entire tire to flex, increasing traction and providing a semi-pneumatic ride. Solid rubber construction and the toughest rubber compound on today's market will keep your equipment up and running. This tire will give you traction in the dirt and extend the tire’s life on the pavement while eliminating tire downtime.

Applications: Rental Fleet, Construction, Demolition

  • Soft Ride Solid
  • Excellent Traction
  • Deep Lugs
  • Tough Rubber Compound
  • Extended life on hard surfaces
  • Reusable Rims
  • Full-Size Construction

Contender Traction Tread Tire Sizes

30x10-16 replaces 10x16.5
33x12-20 replaces 12x16.5
36x14-20 replace 14x17.5
38x15-20 replaces 405/70R20 and other Mini loader sizes.

Contender Industrial Lug

Contender Industrial Lug- Combing the best of both worlds. The Contender Solid is design to provide traction on dirt and a long life on hard surfaces. Due to the heavy duty lug tread with 30% more rubber you can expect a long tire life.

  • Soft Ride
  • Moderate Traction in dirt
  • 30% more wearable rubber
  • Extended life on hard surfaces
  • Aperture comfort holes
  • Reusable Rims
  • Tough cut resistant rubber

Contender Lug Sizes 
​30x10-16 replaces 10x16.5
33x12-20 replaces 12x16.5
36x12-20 replaces 14x17.5

A large tire sitting on top of a cement floor.
A close up of an industrial tire
A black tire with a round hole in it.

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Smooth Solid Skid Steer Tire

Smooth Solid Skid Steer Tire- Design for the toughest working environment, the smooth tire is overbuilt with extra rubber and natural rubber compounding for a longer tire life on hard surfaces. This tire has a high load caring capacity and added pushing power. Mounted on a tough reusable lock ring wheel and available with or without aperture holes.   

Applications- Demolition, Scrapyards, Recycling Centers

  • Soft Ride Solid
  • Cut- Resistant Rubber
  • Smooth Tread
  • Oil Resistant
  • Natural Rubber Compounding
  • More Wearable Rubber
  • Reusable Rims

Smooth Tire Sizes
30x10-20 replaces 10x16.5
33x12-20 replaces 12x16.5
36x12-20 replace 14x17.5  NEW PRODUCT

A close up of two tires on the ground

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